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This is amazing I like How you made the fur look like it's Cartoonish realistic. I also like how you made the eyes and everything. Keep...

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Magic Creativity page 1 by BlackFoxFlower Magic Creativity page 1 :iconblackfoxflower:BlackFoxFlower 3 3 The Earth Breath Wolves by BlackFoxFlower The Earth Breath Wolves :iconblackfoxflower:BlackFoxFlower 1 0 Eye practice 3, Blind eye by BlackFoxFlower Eye practice 3, Blind eye :iconblackfoxflower:BlackFoxFlower 2 0 Eye practice 2 by BlackFoxFlower Eye practice 2 :iconblackfoxflower:BlackFoxFlower 3 0 Eye practice by BlackFoxFlower Eye practice :iconblackfoxflower:BlackFoxFlower 2 0 The Fox of the Moon and Sun by BlackFoxFlower The Fox of the Moon and Sun :iconblackfoxflower:BlackFoxFlower 1 0 Magic Creativity Page 2 by BlackFoxFlower Magic Creativity Page 2 :iconblackfoxflower:BlackFoxFlower 3 6 Magic Creativity Page 1 by BlackFoxFlower Magic Creativity Page 1 :iconblackfoxflower:BlackFoxFlower 2 6 Magic Creativity by BlackFoxFlower Magic Creativity :iconblackfoxflower:BlackFoxFlower 2 0 Bella Bugs by BlackFoxFlower Bella Bugs :iconblackfoxflower:BlackFoxFlower 4 0 Water practice by BlackFoxFlower Water practice :iconblackfoxflower:BlackFoxFlower 1 0 Grass Practice by BlackFoxFlower Grass Practice :iconblackfoxflower:BlackFoxFlower 1 0 Fire practice by BlackFoxFlower Fire practice :iconblackfoxflower:BlackFoxFlower 3 0 My style of a ball 2 by BlackFoxFlower My style of a ball 2 :iconblackfoxflower:BlackFoxFlower 2 0 My Lightning bolt practice 2 by BlackFoxFlower My Lightning bolt practice 2 :iconblackfoxflower:BlackFoxFlower 1 0 My Lightning bolt practice 1 by BlackFoxFlower My Lightning bolt practice 1 :iconblackfoxflower:BlackFoxFlower 4 0


Vaati, Dark, and Ghirahim x Reader (Your choice)
Everyone knows of the green clad hero who has saved Hyrule from destruction or tyranny countless times. The hero is often depicted as a blonde male with piercing blue eyes...But what if the hero didn't have blue eyes and blonde hair? What if he wasn't even a 'he' at all. What if the hero was a female?
A female with (e/c), (h/c), and served the same purpose as the other hero did and was only disguised as a male to avoid underestimation and to get people off her back? That hero's name was _______.
Reincarnated countless times and managing to hide her true identity on each journey she took, effectively escaping countless problems and discrimination from her enemies. She was a proud warrior and descendant of her long lost great gr
:iconanimefangirl-peggy65:Animefangirl-Peggy65 75 40
Tunnel of Love (Axel x Reader)
Axel groaned. How had he ended up here again?
"Here you go~" a sweet voice called as a sea salt ice cream was handed to him.
Oh, right. He was a sucker for a pretty face and a promise of ice cream.
"Okay, you have your ice cram now! Come on!" the girl huffed impatiently, tugging at his hand. "It's not every day a fair is in town! I want to see it all!"
Axel groaned again as he stuck the ice cream in his mouth, allowing the (h/c) girl to drag him to any and all attractions she wanted to see.
The day eventually waned into dusk and a last call for all the rides was put out. The girl rocked back and forth on her feet, debating which ride to use for the grand finale of the best day ever.
"You know, (y/n), you'll run out of time to go on one if you don't hurry up and choose."
(Y/n) rolled her eyes, "Shut it, Axel! I know exactly where to go!" With that she grabbed his hand again, dragging him to their final destination of the evening.
Axel cocked an eyebrow as he gazed at the gaudy pink hear
:iconmaelovespokemon:MaeLovesPokemon 7 0
Sunsets and Roses || Axel X Reader || Chapter 6
You sat on the wet grass, looking down at the small town below. The rain began to cease. A cool breeze picked up, caressing your [H/L] [H/C] hair, sending a shiver down your spine. The red haired male suddenly sat down beside you, his hair hung loosely, sticking to his neck. You glanced at him, all emotions vanishing from you - except one, relief. Your gaze returned to the town and the rain finally stopped. He laid down on the grass, his gaze on you.
"[Y/N]" He said sweetly
"You're beautiful"
You looked at him, shocked, your [S/C] cheeks quickly turned a bright shade of crimson. He continued to gaze at you, a small smirk on his lips. The sky faded to a beautiful orange. He sat up, his hands behind him, holding himself up, his beautiful green eyes full of emotion as he stared peacefully at the sunset. You glanced at him from the corner of your eye. He was caressed in a red hue, his muscles flexing under his shirt. God he was handsome. Your heart began to race, and quickly returned
:iconxena-heart:Xena-Heart 9 7
is that TRADITIONAL ART by mintyskie-s is that TRADITIONAL ART :iconmintyskie-s:mintyskie-s 195 41
Mature content
Pitch Black x Reader **Warning: Lemon** :iconcryaotic8008135:Cryaotic8008135 62 28
Pitch x Reader: Late Night Kisses
You’re so stubborn! I was only kidding!” (Y/N) called after Pitch.
“Well it wasn’t funny.” He said, crossing his arms in a huff. “If your ‘friends’ the Guardians, find out about us they could hurt you!” He spat out the word friends like it was a disgusting taste stuck in his mouth.
“Well Jack didn’t see you, so it’s fine. Besides if you saw that he kissed me you’d flip.” (Y/N) muttered the last part under her breath, praying that he didn’t hear her. He did.
“He did WHAT?!” Pitch spun around and walked up to her. “That little…” (Y/N) cut him off with a sigh.
“It’s not a big deal. Really. I told him I had a boyfriend and he apologized and left. No biggie.”
“Leave.” He said.
“LEAVE!” The yell echoed through the halls. (Y/N) got up and ran home. Tears streaming down her face.
(Y/N) sat in her room, laptop
:iconkavithecrazedfangirl:KaviTheCrazedFangirl 38 12
Pitch Black x Reader: Black Is The New White
You sighed, feeling exhausted and tired as you laid on your bed, dress up in a pretty, long and white nightgown. You are usually a person who would love to stay up all night, so you tried your best to stay awake. But after a minute, fighting to keep your ( Eye Color ) eyes open, you drifted off into your own little dream world.
You were dreaming about ( Your Favorite Dream ) that night. But then, your dream suddenly turned into a nightmare about ( Your Biggest Fear ). You were struggling to wake up and moaned, begging yourself to wake up right now. That was when your nightmare started getting worse. You fought harder and harder to wake up.
Then you let out a gasp, finally waking up, but only to see a new scenery around you. You weren't in your bed anymore, in fact you were...somewhere else. You saw cages hanging above you, and a huge labyrinth around you too. You never saw anything like this before. The last thing you remember was sleeping in your room, so you guessed someone might've
:iconcatwoman-cali-onyx:CatWoman-cali-onyx 14 2
Learn Manga Basics: The Male Puppet by Naschi Learn Manga Basics: The Male Puppet :iconnaschi:Naschi 9,898 116 The Rabbit and the Snake by Dedmerath The Rabbit and the Snake :icondedmerath:Dedmerath 682 142
The Moon Rises - Mal's version
Mal: Now the hour has come at last,
A soft and fading light.
Has crossed the west horizon,
And has left me in control for the night.
And what a lovely time it is,
To walk a moonlit field.
To see the softer shades,
That are by starlight, now revealed.
So why is it that now,
When all is quiet and at rest,
When stars above glow and all the world,
Is at it’s very best,
The children of this neighborhood,
Should lock themselves away?
To shun my presence, and wait instead,
For Mike’s return in the day?
Am I so wrong to wish that they
Would see things like I do?
And am I so wrong to think
That they might love me too?
Why shouldn’t they adore me?
Is it not within my right?
I’ll not be overshadowed!
Mike and the others have spent too long in the spot-light!
I’ve waited long enough now,
For them all to come around!
And though they all may plead and threaten,
I shall stand my ground!
And all those who shunned me,
Shall know I’m not merely playing games,
:iconnocofreak18:nocofreak18 16 22
Confrontation: Mike and Mal Version
[WARNING - The lyrics contain parts of slight language.]
Mike: It's over now I know inside
No one will ever know
The sorry tale of "The Malevolent One"
And those who died, no one must ever know
They'd only see the tragedy
They'd not see my intent
The shadow of Mal's evil
Would forever kill the good that I admit
Am I a good man?
Am I a mad man?
It's such a fine line between a good man and I....
*Mal then appears in front of Mike.*
Mal: Do you really think
That I would ever let you go?
Do you think I'd ever set you free?
If you do I'm sad to say,
It simply isn't so.
You will never get away from me!
Mike: All that you are
Is a face in the mirror!
I close my eyes and you'll disappear! *Mal gets in his face.*
Mal: I'm what you face
When you face in the mirror!
Long as you live, I will still be here!
Mike: All that you are
Is the end of a nightmare!
All that you are is a dying scream!
After tonight,
I shall end this demon dream!
Mal: This is not a dream my friend-
And it will never
:iconecblossomgal:ECblossomGal 12 8
Lullaby for a Princess (Mike's Version)
((A/N: To truly get this story, you'll first need to know my head-cannon for Mike and Mal, and that is in the description below.))
Mike: Fate has been cruel, and order unkind.
Why couldn't there have been another way?
The blame was my own; the punishment, there's...
My subconscious is silent today.
But into this stillness, I'll bring them a song,
And the memories of them, I shall keep.
To honor their lives, and their sacrifice,
And maybe once again find restfull sleep.
Once did a boy who was lonely and depressed,
Look out to the kids who shunned him and sigh.
He cried and said, "Surely, there is no other,
So lonely, and so excluded as I."
So great was his pain, so fragile his mental state,
That soon his mind had no other choice.
It created another to end all his suffering,
Who of which had his appearance, but much deeper voice.
To all of my personalities, goodnight friends of mine.
I pray you hear me through this vast space.
Bear up my lullaby, winds of the earth,
Fall into eternal
:iconnocofreak18:nocofreak18 15 54
Flames and Ashes. (Prince Zuko X reader) PART ONE.
You awaken in the middle of the night to your little sister, Megara, screaming. You throw the sheets off of you and stumble into her bedroom. She's sitting up in her bed. When you come to her bedside, she wraps her arms around you and begins to cry. You cradle her in your arms and run a hand through her blonde curls.
"Shh, it's okay," you whisper to her. "Everything's okay. I've got you."
Even as you soothe her, you can feel the heat radiating from her body. The fever is striking once more. Meg's small body is covered in a sheen of sweat. You pull her away from you just enough to take in her blood red cheeks. Even her blue eyes are glazed.
"Lay back down, sweetheart. I'm going to get Abriah." Meg leaves the safety of your arms and crawls back into the bed. You wrap the covers around her.
"I'm scared, sissy," Meg says in a small voice. Her bottom lip trembles. "And I don't feel good."
You bend down and give her a quick kiss on the forehead. "You're going to be fine. I'll go get Abriah a
:iconkallafarmer:kallafarmer 310 39
Forest by ilyamokhov Forest :iconilyamokhov:ilyamokhov 12 10
Ghirahim x Reader: Thread of Fate
                                             Chapter  1: Skyview Temple 
When you decided to accompany Link on a quest to find your best friend, Zelda, you had never expected ending up in such a horrible situation. You thought it would be a quick trip to find your friend but alas it wasn't. The first day on the surface was like hell. You had to fight strange monsters and carnivorous plants. You were pretty defenseless so you hid behind Link most od the time. But you had changed over time. You changed a lot. You went from being weak and defenseless to brave and strong in a few weeks. You and Link stood at the entrance of Skyview temple which was infested with spiders and monsters. You doubted that Zelda was in such a horrible place but you couldn't say no to Link. He insisted that Zelda was in there somewhere  so the two of you entered the temple. You hid beh
:iconseiranmizukixghira:SeiranMizukixGhira 9 7
Kyu by KyuBiS7 Kyu :iconkyubis7:KyuBiS7 8 2


Magic Creativity page 1
15 year old Luna finds an Ancient treasure which turns out to be one of the treasurers of Creativity. So she sets out on as journey to find the other 12 treasures to save the world of imagination and creation, to remain the balance
I'll be making a symbol that represents someone on this page or any other place. I thought it would be cool, so here's how I'll know what symbol you have.

Favorite shape:

Favorite color:

Second favorite color:

third favorite color:

Favorite animal:

Favorite activities: (Music, Art, Dancing, etc)

Favorite Video game: (If you don't have a favorite skip it)

Favorite Anime: (If you don't have a favorite skip it)

Favorite Movie:

Gooood Luck!!!!
Name: Luna

Nicknames: Moon, Cutie- Pie

Angel of Magic
Princess of Angels
Healer of Hearts

Age: 15 (but she can live forever since she's immortal)

Birthday: July 19th

Race: Angel

Gender: Female

Height: 5 ft

Weight: 112 lbs (she may look heavy but she's lighter than she looks)

Eye color: Forest green

Hair color: Dark blue

Hair length: Long

Hair Style: Wavy

Blood type: B

Wing color: Dark blue with black tips

Wing span: 8 ft

Class: Alpha

Angel of Magic
Protector of all Kind hearted people, fairies, (only kind hearted) demons, mermaids, giants, and other creatures
Melody Angel (as her voice can heal hearts or calm down even the most aggressive person or just making people happy by singing to them)

Fairy clan
Angel clan
Mermaid clan
Goddess clan
Human clan

Fairy form: When she transforms into a fairy or Pixie version of herself

Mermaid form: When she transforms into a mermaid version of herself, sometimes in this form she'll have her wings and sometimes she won't and instead of wings, large sail fins on where the wings should be to help guide her through the water

Dragon form: When she transforms into a dragon version of herself

Shape shifting: When she changes into whatever animal or living thing desired

Levitating: When she lifts objects or herself above the ground

Relic Song: When she sings relic songs to activate her Fairy, Mermaid, or dragon forms.

Elegant dance: When she uses dance moves as attack moves when she fights

Elemental powers: When she manipulates or controls any element she can

Heart/Emotion healer: When she sings the most beautiful voice known to the world to calm down, heal, or even make people happy as she hates to see sad or angry people unless their current emotions are for a reason.

Sing: When she sings the most beautiful songs people have ever heard, as unlike most Angels she has the most beautiful and sweet voice anyone has heard.

Invisibility: When she makes her seen form unseen but only when she's hiding or just being her bashful self

Flight: When she uses her wings to fly in the sky for very long periods of time

Aura reading: When she reads someone's Aura to be sure if they're good or evil

Personality: Creative and Artistic, as she can use whatever she finds to make things especially just for entertaining herself or others. She also has a love for singing and dancing as it too is one of her skills. She's also a bit romantic as she loves seeing people happy together. She can also be very Sweet, caring, and gentle to people, but she only comes to people who have good spirits or kind hearts. She can read Auras to be sure that if a person is good or evil. If it's a good Aura there's a chance she'll show herself to people, but mostly she'll just watch over someone until she's satisfied with her protection for them. If an Aura is evil like if it belongs to a greedy human for example, she'll either hide, run, or fight against that person but only if the person has attacked her first. When she's not introducing herself, she can be very timid, shy, and bashful towards people, which occasionally she'll hide until she's comfortable to go near them in person. She is also very sly and clever as she can easily get away from danger, especially by tricking greedy or evil humans. But she can also be very protective towards people she trusts

History: Most people don't know her history except for her, she was born an Angel and had Angel parents a long time ago. But because of the demons attacking her clan, they had to give her up to her Human Foster parents. They gave her to them when she was at least a baby. Her foster parents raised her well, but not lovingly or caring. Her foster parents could care less about her. One day they discovered she had magic abilities unlikely for most angels to have except for their own. When she turned age six they then took one look at her and decided that they didn't want her, they abandoned her into one of the forests, hoping she would die out there. This was one of the most embarrassing things that's happened to her. She unfortunately had to fend for herself and lived on her own since, discovering and practicing her magic. She then became a guardian to only good and kind hearted people.

Luna's Special skill: Singing to people who are in need of her, she can sing the most beautiful songs to people to make them happy and heal their hearts especially if they're sad or angry

Daily Routing: Escaping greedy humans, hiding from evil demons, bringing hope and joy to kind people, singing (only when she's happy), and flying around certain areas

Favorite foods: Cookies, Cakes, and anything with sugar.

Charm Point: Her hair, voice, and her wings

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Drawing, and Finding someone she'll truly fall in love with

Weak Point: Seeing friends or loved ones being lost. Or seeing people she watches over dying

Dream/Hope: To find true love, or just to have friends

Regrets: Thinking her foster parents loved her

The most embarrassing thing in her life: When she was abandoned by her foster parents, living on her own, and thinking her human foster parents loved her

What she wants the most: Love

She is very kind and caring to people

People say she's a sweetheart to people she trusts

She often sings during a sunset, nighttime, or when she's feeling happy

She has the scent and smells like Pink roses with a touch of peppermint 
The Earth Breath Wolves
I'm doing to races of wolves, the Earth Breath, and the Air Breath. They get along fine actually. Unless one was to cross the line then a fight begins. Thanks to the Wolf Creator I can actually create my Wolf Ocs. This is the Chief of the Earth Breath Tribe.
I'll be making a symbol that represents someone on this page or any other place. I thought it would be cool, so here's how I'll know what symbol you have.

Favorite shape:

Favorite color:

Second favorite color:

third favorite color:

Favorite animal:

Favorite activities: (Music, Art, Dancing, etc)

Favorite Video game: (If you don't have a favorite skip it)

Favorite Anime: (If you don't have a favorite skip it)

Favorite Movie:

Gooood Luck!!!!


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Hello My name is BlackFoxFlower, a future Animation Artist. I am Working on a project now. But it might take a while.


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